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Birthday Flower Cards

Looking for a birthday gift for that someone special? We’ve got you covered! Our personalised birthday flowers cards are guaranteed to put a smile on the recipients face.  

Each of our flower cards for Birthdays contains a perfectly formed hand-arranged bouquet grown directly on our North Yorkshire based farm. Our fresh flowers are paired with a personalized meaningful birthday card to mark those special occasions. 

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The Perfect Birthday Gift: Flower cards 

A flower card is the perfect gift to give a loved one on their birthday. It is a gift which shows your friend or family member that you truly care and are thinking about them on their special day. 

Whichever birthday card you choose, you can rest easy knowing every bouquet is grown fresh in Britain at our North Yorkshire based farm. 

Each of our flower cards comes with a personalised birthday card, so you can send a special message to that special someone. Your custom message, which is paired with a beautiful arrangement of flowers, creates a unique birthday experience. We also offer small gifts that can accompany your flower card. Gifts such as chocolate shards, scented tea lights and more! 

Delivery of your Birthday Flower Card

At Flowerheads, we know that sending birthday flower cards is all about timing and our fresh flower delivery will help make things that little bit easier. Our easy online ordering system means you can plan to send Flowerheads just in time for your loved ones birthday and not a day later!

We offer both free standard delivery and an express delivery service which will ensure your flowers arrive the next working day. 

Birthday Flowers Packaging

In order to keep your birthday flower card in the perfect condition for when your loved one receives it, we have designed custom, secure packaging. 

All our boxes will fit through a typical (250mm * 350mm * 45mm) letter box opening, so don’t worry if the recipient is at work when it arrives!

Which Flowers for Which Birth Month?

It's worth knowing which flower is associated with your loved ones birth month to add an extra special touch to your gift. We’ve created a simple guide below which will help you understand which flower your friend or family member is paired with:

• January – Carnation

• February – Primrose

• March – Daffodil

• April – Daisy 

• May – Lily of the Valley

• June – Rose

• July – Larkspur

• August – Poppy

• September – Morning Glory

• October – Marigold

• November – Chrysanthemum

• December – Holly

All birthdays are a cause for special celebration, however, a flower card will be sure to make the occasion that little bit more special. 

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