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Anniversary Flower Cards

Looking for an anniversary gift for your significant other? Well look no furhter, we have got you covered! Our personalised anniversary flowers cards are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones face. 

Each of our anniversary flower cards contains a perfectly formed hand-arranged bouquet grown directly on our North Yorkshire based farm. Our fresh flowers are paired with a personalised meaningful card to mark your special date. 

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The Perfect Anniversary Gift: Flower cards 

A living card from Flowerheads is the perfect gift for your significant other on your anniversary. Our unique flower cards are a gift which shows them just how much they mean to you!

Whichever type of anniversary flower card you choose, you’ll be glad to know that every bouquet of flowers is grown fresh at our North Yorkshire based farm. 

Each of our flower cards comes with a personalised anniversary card. This means you can send a special message to your partner to mark the occasion. Your custom message, which is paired with a beautiful arrangement of flowers, creates a unique anniversary experience.

We also offer small anniversary gifts that can accompany your flower card. Gifts such as chocolate shards, scented tea lights and more! 

Delivery of your Anniversary Flower Card

At Flowerheads, we know that sending anniversary flower cards is all about timing and our fresh flower delivery will help make things that little bit easier. Our easy online ordering system means you can plan to send flower card just in time and not be in the dog-house for being late!

We offer both free standard delivery and an express delivery service which will ensure your anniversary flowers arrive the next working day. 

Anniversary Flowers Packaging

In order to keep your Anniversary flower card in the perfect condition for when your partner receives it, we have designed custom, secure packaging. 

All our boxes will fit through a typical (250mm * 350mm * 45mm) letter box opening, so don’t worry if the recipient is at work when it arrives!

Anniversary Gifts For Each Year

It can be difficult to remember the type of gift you should be given depending on the number of years your partner and you have been together. 

That’s why we have compiled a list of wedding anniversaries – from the 1st to 70th – and the traditional anniversary gifts and some modern alternatives associated with it. You will find the full list of wedding anniversaries and associated gifts below:

Anniversary Year Traditional Gift Modern Gift

1st Paper Clocks

2nd Cotton China

3rd Leather Crystal/Glass

4th Fruit & Flowers Linen/Appliances

5th Wood Silverware

6th Sugar Iron

7th Copper/Wool Desk Set

8th Bronze/Pottery Linen and Lace

9th Willow/Copper Leather

10th Tin/Aluminium Diamond

11th Steel Jewellery

12th Silk Pearls

13th Lace Textiles/Fur

14th Ivory Gold Jewellery

15th Crystal Watches

20th China Platinum

25th Silver Silver

30th Pearl/Ivory Diamond

35th Coral Jade

40th Ruby Ruby

45th Sapphire Sapphire

50th Gold Gold

55th Emerald Emerald

60th Diamond Diamond

65th Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire

70th Platinum Platinum

80th Oak Oak

85th Wine Wine

90th Stone Stone

Of course, all anniversaries are a cause for a special celebration, however, a flower card will be sure to make the occasion that little bit more special!

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