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Flowerheads Featured in the Farmers Guardian

Flowerheads very own Mike & Caroline Newland have been featured in the illustrious weekly newspaper, Farmers Guardian. 

The Farmers Guardian has been in production since 1844 (originally as the Preston Guardian) and seeks to provide comprehensive and topical news regarding all things agriculture. The newspaper is read by around 30,000 people each week according to

The article explores how Mike and Caroline transformed their farm at Youlton Lodge and through diversification found new, inventive ways to continue to grow their business. 

The Flower Acre - From Dream To Reality

Through an enjoyment of gardening and an inspiring talk from the founder of Flowers from the Farm, Caroline set up a new flower business that ran alongside the farms existing activities. 

In order to get started, they took an acre of land from the farm - Thus “The Flower Acre” was born. 

The guiding ethos behind this new business venture is and always will be the following - Grown, Not Flown. 

Talking to the Farmers Guardian, Caroline explains “People buy flowers visually. They are used to going into the supermarket and the flowers from Holland, South America, Africa and Kenya looking good. What we have to push is that these foreign flowers have little or no fragrance.”

“They have been chemically treated for longevity, but they have no smell. We can’t compete on price – our bunches start at about £15. But we can compete on fragrance and environmental factors such as air miles.”

Since the birth of The Flower Acre, the couple has continued to diversify and have recently launched this new business venture - Flowerheads - Which offers fresh floral greeting cards, delivered directly through the post. You can see how they work here

If you would like to read the complete Farmers Guardian article, then please visit -
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